Heroes to Homeowners

Heroes to Homeowners Key Presentation

Are You A Combat-Wounded Servicemember or Veteran?

We're here for you!

The first step in becoming involved with Freedom Alliance is completing our easy online application!

Freedom Alliance helps wounded heroes achieve the American Dream of home ownership.

We provide mortgage-free homes to combat wounded troops. For those who’ve sacrificed so much, it’s a place of hope and promise and an opportunity to begin anew.

Due to continued restrictions associated with COVID-19, Heroes to Homeowners projects are currently on hold for 2021. We encourage qualified veterans to apply, and will continue to review applications. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Why We Help

A Freedom Alliance home provides stability to military families who have consistently transferred from one duty station to another over many years.

The home gives comfort to a warrior who previously slept in tents and foxholes.

A permanent residence offers stability and a place to call home for a warrior who has spent his life traveling to the most remote and dangerous areas of the world.

Freedom Alliance has awarded mortgage-free homes to service members in California, Arizona, Colorado, South Carolina, Minnesota, Florida, New Mexico, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, and Washington.

How Freedom Alliance Impacts our Troops

Justin Utecht served in the Army for seven years and was a Combat Military Policeman. He deployed to Iraq where he guarded high-value inmates, trained Iraqi police and SWAT teams and served in direct combat roles during his deployments. Justin was injured during combat operations and suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury.

When we spoke to Justin about the home, he explained that “stability is key to me and having space of my own would do me a lot of good.” He said, “I don’t like switching places and the townhouse looks like the perfect size for me.”

Freedom Alliance is helping our troops and veterans recover from their terrible wounds.

Your support will allow us to continue making a difference in the lives of our brave war fighters. Please donate today.

A solider in Colorado receives a home courtesy of Freedom Alliance's Heroes to Homeowners project.
Sgt. Patrick McPherson receives the keys to his new home courtesy of Freedom Alliance's Heroes to Homeowners project.
Freedom Alliance president Tom Kilgannon presents a home to a military family in Florida.
Freedom Alliance president Tom Kilgannon presents a home to a military family in Florida through our Heroes to Homeowners project.
Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon presents a certificate and title to a new home for a wounded soldier.
Through the Heroes to Homeowners project, Freedom Alliance president Tom Kilgannon presents a wounded soldier with a certificate and the title to his new home.

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